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About Me Graphics

Express yourself with these amazing quotes. Save your fingers from typing, use these graphics.

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tags: i do me

tags: don't hate me

tags: jealous fairytale characters

tags: classy, delicious, glamorous

tags: i want. the end.

tags: this probably sounds rehearsed

tags: cure to blond addiction

tags: love me hate me save me

tags: i break necks

tags: as real as it gets

tags: i do whatever i want

tags: priceless

tags: i wink at my dog

tags: i like street art

tags: i secretly hope

tags: realist, romantic, indecisive

tags: live fast die pretty

tags: have you dreaming awake

tags: scared to come near

tags: i don't give a f

tags: as real as it gets

tags: do your own thing

tags: hating me

tags: hit on me single

tags: taken and loving it more

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