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Celebrity & Famous Quotes

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tags: Passion

tags: Some people feel the rain

tags: A journey of revenge

tags: What a strange illusion

tags: Surrealism

tags: Society

tags: Your Life is Your Life

tags: Everything else is just an inconvenience

tags: Best speech you'll ever regret

tags: FOnly Style Remains The Same

tags: Audrey Hepburn

tags: Now Everybody mad at me

tags: Never forget me

tags: There is beauty in everything

tags: Better to be absolutely ridiculous

tags: Madness Is Genius

tags: I'm already better than them

tags: Imperfection is beauty

tags: Marilyn Monroe

tags: If you're gonna be two-faced

tags: A true friend

tags: Making Babies to my music

tags: All You Really Want

tags: I wanna be Iconic

tags: Notthing is impossible

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